Mark Mancina’s Impact to the Industry

Mark Mancina’s work as a film composer, producer, arranger and musician are some of the best in recent history. He has excelled in almost every genre, including comedy, action, drama, suspense, and period epic. It comes as no surprise that he has received some of the highest recognitions in the industry including three Grammy Awards, as well as several Broadcast Music Inc Music Awards. Mark Mancina’s edgy, dark music for the 2001 Oscar Award-winning film Training Day became a benchmark score that traversed the streetwise drama scoring boundaries and is broadly incorporated as a temp track. Mancina’s breakout score for the 1994 film Speed is another original work that has influenced subsequent action movie sounds. Mark Mancina’s creativity in the 1998 film Return to Paradise, which reflected it’s subject’s haunting gloom, and his work on the 1996 film The Moll Flanders which was featured in Billboard’s Classical Crossover Chart, are further proof of Mark Mancina’s vast compositional skills.

Mark Mancina’s excellent work over the decades as a film composer, producer, arranger and musician has had a lot of influence in the industry. It has paved the way for other similar work. The creativity and multifaceted talent that Mark Mancina possesses and has shown throughout his work is not common in today’s world of specialization. While many people in the industry have excelled by focusing on a single discipline, not many are able to traverse multiple disciplines and produce excellent work in all of them. Not only has Mark Mancina consistently done outstanding work since his debut, but he has also garnered many prestigious accolades in the process, including three Grammy awards for his work on Tarzan and The Lion King, as well as several other accolades such as the American Music Awards, Broadcast Music Inc Music Awards, International Film Music Critics Awards, and Tony Award. What makes Mark Mancina so compelling is his attention to detail and love for his work. Working from his home studio which is a mountaintop barn, and the studio in Pasadena, Mark Mancina continues to expand his career and is currently developing songs for films and musicals. Even after all these years of success in the industry, Mark Mancina remains motivated and continues to produce some of his best work. The Santa Monica native is the very definition of a classic, and his work will continue to be an inspiration in the industry for decades to come.…

Mark Mancina’s Diversity

Mark Mancina’s career is diverse, and his success in composing some of the top-grossing films of recent history constitute only one aspect of it. Composer, songwriter, three-time Grammy Award winner and producer, Mark Mancina has also included Broadway to his already fantastic list of accomplishments by writing, arranging, and producing the score for the Tony Award-winning stage production of The Lion King by Disney. Early in Mark Mancina’s career, he helped write the scores of Future Force, Man Killers and Space Mutiny. In the early 1990s, Mark Mancina’s foundation for his debut into theatre was set when Oscar Award winner and composer Hans Zimmer recognized Mancina’s multifaceted talents and requested him to produce and arrange three Elton John songs for what would later become the hugely successful original film version of The Lion King. Mark Mancina’s work on I Just Want to be King, Hakuna Matata, and You Can Feel The Love Tonight achieved multi-platinum status, and have sold more than 10 million copies globally, earning him a Grammy for the Best Musical Album for children, and 2 Best Pop album American Music Awards.

Following the success of The Lion King in 1994, Mark Mancina wrote and produced subsequent songs for a follow-up album for The Lion King called Rhythm of the Pride Lands, which featured Lebo M, a South African artist. He Lives in You, one of Mark Mancina’s original songs became a thematic centrepiece for the theatrical production of The Lion King which premiered on Broadway in 1997. He Lives in You has since been performed severally and has achieved great acclaim in various cities across the globe. Mark Mancina collaborated with director Julie Taymor, and Lebo M in his role as a stage music producer to create the unique musical atmosphere for the show that won the Tony awards. Following his production of the Original Broadway Cast Album, Mark Mancina was nominated for the Tony award, garnered his second Grammy award, as well as the Ivor Novello Awards for his London production.

In 1995, Mark Mancina earned two Broadcast Music Inc Music Awards for Speed and Bad Boys. In 1997, Mancina received another Broadcast Music Inc Music Award for his work on Twister, and in 1998 he garnered another for Con Air. In the same year, Mark Mancina was nominated for the Antoinette Perry Award for Best Original Music Score for Lion King. In 1999 and 2000, Mark earned Broadcast Music Inc Music Awards for Tarzan. In 2002, he was nominated for the Annie Award for his work on Training Day. In addition to garnering another Broadcast Music Inc Music Award, the International Animated Film Society also applauded him for his collaboration with Phill Collins on Brother Bear. The original motion picture soundtrack album for Walt Disney’s Brother Bear was released in 2003.

At the time, it was the musical adventure of the season and was driven by the joyous and emotional rhythms of 6 timeless new songs by Phil Collins. The album soundtrack of Brother Bear featured twelve memorable songs, as well as score themes by the three-time Grammy award-winning composer Mark Mancina and Phil Collins. The album also marked the scoring debut of Collins’ motion picture with Mark Mancina, the musical theatre and film arranger and composer who had previously worked with Collins for the animation Tarzan by Disney. Three of Mancina’s and Collins’ majestic symphonic score themes Wilderness of Danger and Beauty, Three Brothers and Awake As A Bear, spectacularly finish the soundtrack album of the Brother Bear. Previously, Mancina’s and Collins’ work on Tarzan had resulted in the number-one soundtrack album of the year and were able to obtain double-platinum sales across the globe (source: Credit Glory)…

The Colorful Career of Mark Mancina

Born on March 9, 1957, Mark Mancina is an American film composer, producer, arranger and musician. Mark Mancina grew up in Santa Monica, California. He is a Hans Zimmer’s media ventures veteran featuring in over 60 television series and films including Bad Boys, Speed, Training day, Tarzan, Twister, Brother Bear, Con Air, Moll Flanders, The Haunted Mansion, Moana, Blood +, and Criminal Minds. Mark Mancina is a three-time Grammy award winner for his work on Tarzan and The Lion King Cast Album. He has received a Tony Award nomination for Best Original Score in a musical for his work on Disney’s theatrical productions adaptation of The Lion King, as well as an Annie Award nomination for his work on Brother Bear. Mark Mancina has also produced and arranged 3 Elton John songs for the lion king. He has won 2 “Best Pop Album” American Music awards and achieved multi-platinum status after his records garnered sales of more than 10 million copies globally. Some of his best-known work includes work on Hakuna Matata, Just Can’t Wait To Be King, and Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

Born in Santa Monica, Mark Mancina grew up in Culver City and Huntington Beach, California. He started his career at a very young age and performed throughout his life as a singer, pianist and guitarists. His television and film scores regularly feature Mark Mancina own performances on drums, guitar, piano, percussion, and bass, highlighting creative sounds harvested from a unique collection of exotic, traditional, and custom instruments from across the globe. Mark Mancina studied performance and composition at Cal State Fullerton as a classical guitar major, then proceeded to perform on Trevor Rabin’s solo tour, and subsequently wrote and produced for Yes. Mark Mancina also worked with producer Trevor Horn on a number of records including the song Crazy it was performed by Grammy award-winning artist Seal. In 1990, Mark Mancina relocated to London from Los Angeles for a year to work with Emerson, Lake and Palmer, composing and producing their Black Moon album for PolyGram. More recently Mark Mancina has arranged and composed songs with Kenny Loggins. Mark Mancina has extensively partnered with Phil Collins including in the 1999 animated hit Tarzan by Disney, for which Mancina was the composer of the score. Mark Mancina has also co-produced many Collins songs. The folk song, You’ll Be In My Heart, which Mark Mancina co-produced and arranged garnered the Oscar Award for best song. The two renewed their collaborations for Brother Bear, for which Mark Mancina co-composed the dramatic score and co-produced songs. In addition to his work in the recording industry, film and theatre, Mark Mancina also writes themes and scores for several television projects including HBO’s From The Earth To The Moon, Lifepod, Millennium, The Outer Limits, and Poltergeist. Among Mark Mancina’s numerous TV commercial clients are the US Army, AT&T, American Express, McDonald’s, Goodyear, Computer Associates, Verizon, Skittles, Nike, Mountain Dew, and Jaguar.…